Overview of Krojam Cleaner

Overview of Krojam Cleaner

Krojam cleaner is a new concept in the world of Information technology.  For some, it remains to be something very technical while for others who are at least familiar already with the concept and tool, they have found the same to be useful. So what is Krojam Cleaner?  How does it benefit majority of the big time IT related companies today?

Krojam Cleaner is a new and powerful tool implemented and designed to allow users to maximize or optimize the hard drive space of their computers by scanning and removing unnecessary files. For most information technology-craze, the innovation and implementation of this new and powerful tool is a big help especially if one is thinking of maximizing or capitalizing the hard drive space of their computers. With this new tool, one can be assured of  easy, fast and reliable access to internet without having to undergo the usual tedious and monotonous process of mechanically deleting files from the computers, laptops and other gadgets.

Distinguishing Features:

Krojam cleaner possesses the following distinguishing features:

  1. Once Krojam Cleaner is uploaded to your computer system, the system operates automatically and it starts to scan for junk files without much fuzz on the part of the owner of the computer/ laptop.  After finding the useless/ temporary files in the hard drive, the user has the option to delete the irrelevant files. These files could be any of the following:
  •  temporary files  from the user’s hard drive;
  •  internet explorer temporary files, history files, auto-complete form history, index.dat, and its cookies;
  • Firefox temporary files, its history, download history and it cookies;
  •  Google chrome files, its history, form history, download history and it cookies;
  • opera files, its history, form history, download history, and its cookies;
  • window recycle bin;
  •  temporary files, log files, recent documents and much more different application;
  • utilize complete access to all data from all managed repositories;
  • has full access to the configuration module;
  • capable of making advance reporting, pivoting tables, charting and navigation functionalities;
  • Feature is highly compatible with MS Office tool which includes (copy / paste and export with excel);
  • Feature is fully customizable, specific screens can be created for each user profiles;
  1.  The tool has an intuitive rich user interface which allows the user to access all functions that are user friendly and very fast. It also provides or allows data manipulation and flexibility and can utilize all the computing power of the user’s workstation and carry out complex processing. The so called rich client solution is made possible due to Java web start, which is primarily responsible for fully automating all version updated installations without the need of manual effort on the client’s / user’s side. By having this distinguishing feature, user/ client can fully do the following while undergoing the scanning:
  1. Another distinguishing  feature  it that this tool  offers amazingly high performance and  efficiency services plus enterprise-ready scalability which makes the product all the more attractive to digital market;
  2. The product offers lifetime updates for free. Hence, besides possessing highly customizable features, it is also very cheap and affordable to budget.
  3. It is said to be the fast and most accurate program of its kind especially with its latest version.



The latest version of Krojam Cleaner is already available in the digital market. Krojam Cleaner 3.5.1 is considered as the fastest and most accurate of its kind. Krojam Cleaner 3.5.1 has the following details/ technical specifications:

License:   Freeware

File size:   4:30 MB

Price-    Free

Released: February 16, 2013



Krojam Cleaner is a great tool that was implemented and designed to allow users maximize the hard drive space of their computers by simply locating and deleting useless files. This product therefore, is highly recommended if your pc starts to work so slowly. It will scan the pc hard drive for useless files and the user has the option which files to delete.


For end users, Krojam Cleaner will prove to be very beneficial not to mention the fact that the tool can be accessed for free. Advantages are so numerous without any disadvantage. In essence, Krojam Cleaner makes a lot of wonders in the world of software technology.