Long path tool – Help you access inaccessible files on your computer at just a single touch

Long path tool – Help you access inaccessible files on your computer at just a single touch

Almost every one of you tends to use the computers and laptops these days but sometimes the window explorer is not able to reach certain files and destinations because the path is a bit longer than the handling capacity of the API. In such a case, things may become very difficult for you, when you want to save your files in a path having multiple subfolders.

Long Path Tool is a very smart alternative for this problem that makes it easier for you to browse through longer paths with ease and allows you to have access to long paths and bigger folder names thus giving you a privilege to name the file as you want. The software also helps you with many other benefits that make it a must have for the professional users and here are some of the benefits explained for you:

  • The major reason why this software is used is to resolve the problem that you have in browsing the files which are located in long or deep paths. The software allows you to browse the files from anywhere in your computer and gets the better of the error messages that you have such as path is too long.
  • One of the other problems that you tend to have while working is that mistakenly you tend to name some word files by their initial line which makes the title too long. With normal setup, when you try to browse the file, you will rather get an error message and can open the file only when you rename it. But when you have this software in your computer, things get very smooth for you as you can easily browse files that are having a character length of 32, 767 so that you do not have any problem while you are new to computers.
  • You people also find it quite tough to delete the files that have a very big name or a large extension that makes you quite infuriated as these files occupy space on your hard disk and thus you are short on space in some cases. This software also helps you out in these cases as it makes easier for you to delete these files at just a single touch and you will not have any such error messages that you tend to have when you try to delete the same files without the software.
  • Another very common problem that you people tend to face is that when you are looking to delete an item, you find an error message that the item you are looking to delete is used by another user and thus you are not able to delete or do anything else with that file. But with the long path tool software, these problems can be easily sorted out and you can have access to those files even when they were previously used by any other user that makes your experience better and helps you to save some good time as well.


Long path detected, a serious tension on mind

Long path detected, a serious tension on mind

Many times you must’ve become angry and frustrated on seeing the error messages on your screen countless times regardless of your tries to get a task done. It seems like something has plagued your computer and is impossible to erase. These error messages popping out when doing some important tasks can really be daunting. The error messages usually come with a “Bing” sound and a cross mark with short reason for it. You can’t delete, rename or copy any of file and this surely will create a lot of fuss when organising the files in folders. What could possibly be a solution to this error creep?

Well, it’s the Long Path Tool that will ultimately fix this seemingly unending problem on your computer. It works with any version of the Windows operating systems, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and even with the early versions ME, 2000, NT, and 2003. The software is available for download at its official site. Once you download, double click on the setup file and it automatically gets installed in your computer with a desktop shortcut. It works on minimal hardware requirements. It doesn’t eat up any big amount of disk space.

The error messages you’ve been experiencing like path too long, not valid, cannot read the file or delete will no more be a problem. The app will now allow you to easily access the files and manage them without any intervention. It makes the tasks of deleting, renaming and moving easy and quick.

Most importantly this saves your time. You’ll be left with few more extra minutes to work on something else important and time consuming. It reduces your frustration and keeps your calm. The software has a great capacity to work with the files having up to 32,000 characters. Practically you would not come across a file more than this limit. So software actually has no limitations of any kind.

Now as you’ve the idea on what this software can do, it is time to download and get easy on Long path file errors. To download the software, visit www.LongPathTool.com. The software also automatically detects the updates and stays on the latest version.

Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool aka Long Path Error Fixer.  If you cannot delete a file or folder which you wish to be out from your drive, or the filename you defined is not valid and or your access is denied because the path is simply too long, or a prompt would pop up requiring you to specify a different name for your file, well, Long Path Error Fixer will solve those problem of yours.  Because this tool actually caters deletion, unlocking, copying and renaming of the paths of your files and folders your system considers being just too long.  Windows allows only a specified minimum number of characters in a path, normally 256 characters; your system will not be able to handle paths longer than the above number criteria.  Yet, Long Path Error Fixer can handle paths of up to 32,000 characters which is the internal Windows limit.

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Do you encounter error messages such as access denied or cannot delete file etc. The long path tool program is the answer to type of problem. Basically we rely on computers which is one of the most best technology that is ever invented. Saving of files and other important documents can be easily saved in the computer, but somehow it does not perform to it’s highest performance. Sometimes the system could not handle any unlocking,copying, deleting or even renaming file which are also considered as file name too long. Using the latest windows explorer or (FAR) in managing files is not excluded in this problem. The long path tool is the solution in simplifying files that are categorized as filename too long in the computer system. Problems in accessing and renaming files with more than 255 characters may also occur. This tool is the answer to that problem. Encounters on error messages, path too long or even cannot delete a file then this long path tool is the best recommended program for you. This program will help your task in a more efficient and smooth way. This could also lessen your stress problems after a whole day’s work. It helps you in Maximizing your time and capabilities at work without any delay. This tool is perfect allowing you to perform at your highest level of performance. Helping you throughout the day with full service and satisfaction.

The long path tool is compatible with windows 7, vista, XP, 2000 and windows NT. The first step in downloading this is to download the program via online and then save all settings in the computer. Whenever you want to manage your file with a long file name you’ll just have to open the long path tool icon and the program will directly manage to go to your files. By this way you can easily open, rename or delete your files without any delays or blocking messages.


– Path too long
– Cannot read from source file or disk
– Cannot delete file
– The file name you specified is too longor not valid
– Cannot delete file or folder
– Destination file maybe in use
– File is in use by another program
– Error copying file
– Cannot remove folder
– Filename is too long
– Path too deep
– Destination path too long
– Filename is not valid
– File could not accessed
– Windows delete path too long
– File name could not be found, check the spelling & verify for file location

The program long path tool is made for the satisfaction of the users. It is developed to eliminate any of this managing problems; problems like the specified file name is too long or not valid, cannot delete file or folder, cannot read source file and other error messages. The long path tool is built for kind of problems. Rest assured that with the long path tool installed in your system no more worries on error messages like filename too long or filename is too long. With the capacity and can handle pathnames of about 32,000 characters to its internal limit. You will never regret of having a long path tool in your system.

As an overall review it explains how long path tool program work in the system. Encountered problems with error messages such as filename too long or path too long has come to their end. The Long path tool is a great resolution on how to deal with this undying error message in our computer. It’s a relief of stress because it can unlock files with 255 character or even more. This tool is very useful especially to people who manages in saving big files and other documents. The program is very effective and efficient which also allows a user friendly type of system. Downloading this program is the solution to a faster and more convenient way in managing your files. The long path tool will allow users to be in their full performance and have the ability to work efficiently.

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