how to fix errors with long path files


The Long Path Tool is a rather cleverly written piece of software that offers you complete control over all your requirements to organize, edit and basically tailor make your file name organisation. You effortlessly gain complete control to put your files back in order and maintain a recognised system of file naming as you so wish. You can fully utilise all of the functionality of this impressive tool that’s ready to go from the outset and personally initiate a far more sensible system of file name creation that will work for you as you have probably so wished in the past.


The Long Path Tool has a very easy and manageable tool to use providing you with a clear and simple search engine to work with. The Long Path Tool will instantaneously scan all of your root directories so clicking on your c: drive folder, for instance, will immediately, (and I mean fast!), provide you with all the necessary information you are expecting to see from the full collection of your personal files, all being presented in the normal directory tree format that you have come to expect. This is where the Long Tool Path comes into its own. You can now review and select any of your files for re-organisation. Whether it is just a simple renaming and re-sorting issue needed or you are fully set on cleaning up all those difficult files that give windows such a hard time in dealing with, you may now get on with the important tasks you have previously been wishing you could do.  You will feel satisfied to notice a complete transference of power has now occurred giving you complete control over the arrangement of file naming and information retrieval functionality.

File Control

One of the most powerful functions of the Long Path Tool is the ability to finally rectify all those previous problems you will no doubt have experienced regarding file names being too long. The clever programming of this software has been written to specifically  deal with long or complicated file names that not only are just too long to be practical to any user, experienced or not, but too many characters have rendered the file name just too large to deal with. This is nearly always, usually to great annoyance, very evident when trying to delete a file or folder that contains a name that could well be more than 100 or 200 characters. It may well have been noticed by you on countless occasions that some of these extra-long file names have been created automatically by one part of windows and then very inconveniently refused to be accepted by the recycle bin or other destinations, again, designated automatically. This is a rather ugly conflict that does nothing to aid the user or more importantly increase work rate or immediate file re-organisation to alleviate such problems. How appropriate then that the Long Path Tool can once again demonstrate its usefulness by taking these long file names in its stride and offering you complete autonomy to regain full power over your chosen file naming system. The Long Path Tool has been specifically designed to handle file names of anything up to the industry maximum of 32,000 characters in length which should cover just about any file misnaming eventuality and give you great piece of mind that all such problems are now covered.

Unusable Files

The Long Path Tool is not just for long file names however. The built in programming is robust enough to take on files that have been inadvertently locked or cannot be opened. This is another nifty tool for getting out of tight spots when resorting file name and unworkable folders. System locked files or files that simply just will not respond when you need to fix them can be searched immediately and run through the analysis program thus unleashing them from the obstacles that might be holding onto them. You can then select them from the control interface and immediately work on them to bring them back into a serviceable position.



Long path Tool is a must have program that comprehensively gives back the power of controlling all files types to the user and is an unbeatable tool for complete file management.