Temporary Internet Files and Private Browsing

Temporary Internet Files and Private Browsing

Online privacy is a very key issue that most of us grapple with and however much we invest in the state-of-the-art online security, there is always a chance that someone will breach our software safeguards and spy  on us while accessing privileged information. We leave so much digital footprints on the internet and these can be tracked by various bots. These can range from malware to cookies that websites plant on our machines.

One conduit for malware can be the temporary internet files that are stored in the hard disks of your computer whenever you access a website. These temporary files cache web pages to ensure that you can download the web pages much faster on return visits.  But because these temporary files are not so temporary and they tend to leave behind a trail of what we have been up to, many people use private browsing functionality which tends to give them a sense of control of their temporary internet files. This control can however go only so far. There are several factors that will determine how much control you have over your temporary internet files.

One of these factors is location. Your privacy is relative to your location at the time of your browsing. What you might consider “private” during your private browsing might not be so private after all. Several factors will intervene here to influence your privacy and deny you a complete control over your temporary internet files. If your computer is part of a larger network such as in a LAN, then you might not have complete administrative rights and the administrator will be the one who will actually determine where in the network your temporary internet files will be stored. Of course this will pose some serious security and privacy challenges.

Another factor that influences the amount of control that you will have over your temporary internet files is your browser’s private browsing settings. This private mode occurs in many formats and is called by numerous names depending on the kind of browser that you are using. For example in Mozilla Firefox, it is simply known as Private Browsing, on Internet Explorer this privacy feature is called InPrivate while on the Google Chrome, the feature is aptly named Incognito. When in the private browsing mode you will not be able to view the temporary internet files that have been downloaded by your browser, files that are otherwise visible when viewed with the private browsing mode that is not activated.

When it comes to deleting your cache or temporary internet files after browsing, this can pose challenge when you have to do it manually by physically locating files and deleting them.  This is because it is a very cumbersome job that will be prone to errors when done without software aids.  Deleting individual files from your temporary internet files folder can be quite challenging. As a result many internet users are likely to resort to private browsing. This is however very inconvenient as the files in your cache disappear which may hinder you should there be a need to refer to the web pages that you have visited in the recent past.

One software tool that gives you greater control and privacy as far as the management of your temporary internet files is concerned is the Krojam Cleaner.  This software offers hyper-efficient functionalities that will help you find and delete the junk files that are slowing down your computer.  The Krojam Cleaner performs the scanning functionality and allows you to conveniently select which of the useless temporary internet files you would like to delete.

This highly versatile tool comes with an intuitive and feature-rich interface that virtually any user can familiarize themselves with and begin deploying the software on the go.  The Krojam Cleaner deletes temporary internet files and clears your downloads history, Autocomplete form history, log files, and cookies. Depending on the type of browser that you use to access your web pages, there can be a variation in these functionalities.

The Krojam Cleaner is one of the best options out there for the management of your temporary internet files and you can purchase a license from the Krojam Cleaner website at http://krojamcleaner.com/index.html that suits your user needs.  Support and upgrades come in varying packages depending on the length of time during which you may need the service provider to assist you with this. With Krojam Cleaner, you can now browse conveniently and manage your temporary internet files at your own pace without having to switch to the private browsing mode.

Krojam Cleaner Review

Krojam Cleaner Review

Many a time, useless files, spyware and junk files find their way into your system even without you being aware of it. This happens mostly when you are always connected to the internet or may not be using a powerful antivirus.

The situation could be frustrating and can go a long way to slowing down your system’s speed. What do you do at this time? There is need to delete those unnecessary files. The easiest way of achieving this is through Krojam Cleaner. The Krojam Cleaner software comes in various versions; essentially, it scans your system for junks and deletes them without much effort on your part.

This Krojam Cleaner Review discusses the pros and cons of using this highly versatile temporary internet files manager to clean up your junk files and restore your system to top performance.  Temporary internet files are a double edged sword.  On the one hand they help in implementing a caching procedure that significantly improves the network performance by enabling you to access the web pages without downloading them afresh thus speeding up the browsing experience.

On the other hand the temporary internet files can build up in your hard disk and slow down the system while also posing a serious security threat as they can be conduit through which malware, spyware and Trojan Horses enter your computer system. Krojam Cleaner provides the most efficient method of managing your temporary internet files without wasting a great deal of time going through your browsers to clean them manually.  So what are some of the key features of the temporary internet files that make it such an efficient temporary internet file management system?

What stands out of the Krojam Cleaner is its versatility when it comes to temporary internet files management. You can do lots of things with this software beyond just the cleaning up of temporary internet files. For example, you are able to apply the Krojam Cleaner to delete Autocomplete form history is browsers such as the Internet Explorer along with the details such as the index.dat indexing database and even cookies which you may not be able to remove manually via your browser’s control panel. The same functionalities overlap in other browsers albeit with little variances.

There is lots of cool stuff that you can do with Krojam Cleaner when it comes to internet files management. For example, the software comes with a highly customizable interface that you can easily tailor to meet your user requirements. You can enjoy the scalability and efficiency that allows you optimize your hard disk without requiring any technical skills to operate the software.  Apart from helping you clear all the junk files on your system, the Krojam Cleaner also offers lifetime support on its software product.  Users get free software updates within a selected maintenance period.  This support will come irrespective of the Krojam Cleaner version that you choose to download.

Because temporary internet files are a Windows problem, the Krojam Cleaner is compatible with most of the Windows versions including Vista, XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Check out http://krojamcleaner.com/index.html to download the latest version of the Krojam Cleaner, the version 3.3 and begin getting rid of the numerous junk files on your computer through the program’s intuitive user interface.

But you don’t have to rush into acquiring Krojam Cleaner before you have tested it. The software provider has a trial version that users can employ in the cleaning of junk files in order to test the reliability. You can download the free trial version from the Krojam Cleaner website before you purchase the actual product.  Krojam Cleaner certainly provides a powerful tool and interface for cleaning your junk files and restoring your computer to top performance.  In an era when most people have access to ultra fast internet connection, it might not hurt if you clean your temporary internet files more often using trusted software so as to optimize the performance of your hard drive.

Clearing Temporary Internet Files will Increase Your Computer Speeds

Clearing Temporary Internet Files will Increase Your Computer Speeds

The temporary internet files are supposed to increase your network performance but there comes a time when they can become a performance bottleneck. Temporary internet files are downloaded when you are viewing a web page and then stored at a location on your hard drive. This caching process allows the browser to download the contents of a web page and store them in a Temporary Internet Files folder or cache folder so that the next time you view the web page, only the few changes that have been added to the web page are downloaded while the main website is loaded from the Temporary Internet folder on your hard drive.

This is effect speeds up the process of web page upload leading to a more efficient browsing experience that is easily discernible for those using slow internet connections such as the dial-up connections.  With high speed internet connections, the effect may not be easily noticeable but the files will buildup on your computer over time.

The build-up of these files will in turn lead to performance inefficiencies that slow down your system. Some expired temporary internet files can even prevent from you accessing some of the websites that you had accessed in the past.  It is thus imperative that the temporary internet files are cleaned periodically to ensure the computer is in top performance.  This is because “temporary” internet files are not really temporary and will stay on your system long after you have accessed a website.

There aren’t many reliable software tools that you can use to manage your temporary internet files until recently. However, one of the new tools that you can now employ in the cleaning of your temporary internet files so as to increase the efficiency of your system is the Krojam Cleaner.  Deleting temporary internet files on a regular basis such as every week is one of the best ways to speed up your computer.

The Krojam Cleaner offers efficient and highly customizable features that guarantee great performance and efficiency of your system.  This frees the user from the need to constantly delete temporary internet files manually from their system via the browser interface. As a result it will be easier to get rid of lots of junk files without resorting to the manual process.

The Krojam Cleaner comes with lots of features to help you in accomplishing these goals. For example, there is the scanning functionality that is not available on most of the browsers that many users now employ in the cleaning of temporary internet files.  This temporary internet files manager also comes with multi-browser support and cleans temporary files irrespective of the kind of browser that is used to access the content on the web.

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, you can use the powerful functionalities of the Krojam Cleaner in the cleaning of your temporary files, browsing history, download history and form history.  The Krojam Cleaner can also go as far as cleaning index.dat files and Log files and Recent Documents.  You can also use the Krojam Cleaner to clear the contents of your Recycle Bin and enhance the performance of your computer.

Deleting temporary files with the Krojam Cleaner also has an additional advantage of letting you view the most current content on your webpage.  Although it is rare, temporary internet files may load content that has been viewed in the past while leaving out content that has been recently updated on the website. So while you may gain from increased load times, you might be missing out on freshly updated content.  That is why it is important to make regular updates for the content.  Krojam Cleaner allows you to manage this process easily without worrying about scheduled and lengthy temporary files cleaning process.

You can download a trial version of the Krojam Cleaner on the software’s website at http://krojamcleaner.com/ where users can download multiple Krojam Cleaner Licenses to meet their user requirements. Grab your Krojam Cleaner software today and begin managing your junk files in a more efficient manner.


how to fix errors with long path files


The Long Path Tool is a rather cleverly written piece of software that offers you complete control over all your requirements to organize, edit and basically tailor make your file name organisation. You effortlessly gain complete control to put your files back in order and maintain a recognised system of file naming as you so wish. You can fully utilise all of the functionality of this impressive tool that’s ready to go from the outset and personally initiate a far more sensible system of file name creation that will work for you as you have probably so wished in the past.


The Long Path Tool has a very easy and manageable tool to use providing you with a clear and simple search engine to work with. The Long Path Tool will instantaneously scan all of your root directories so clicking on your c: drive folder, for instance, will immediately, (and I mean fast!), provide you with all the necessary information you are expecting to see from the full collection of your personal files, all being presented in the normal directory tree format that you have come to expect. This is where the Long Tool Path comes into its own. You can now review and select any of your files for re-organisation. Whether it is just a simple renaming and re-sorting issue needed or you are fully set on cleaning up all those difficult files that give windows such a hard time in dealing with, you may now get on with the important tasks you have previously been wishing you could do.  You will feel satisfied to notice a complete transference of power has now occurred giving you complete control over the arrangement of file naming and information retrieval functionality.

File Control

One of the most powerful functions of the Long Path Tool is the ability to finally rectify all those previous problems you will no doubt have experienced regarding file names being too long. The clever programming of this software has been written to specifically  deal with long or complicated file names that not only are just too long to be practical to any user, experienced or not, but too many characters have rendered the file name just too large to deal with. This is nearly always, usually to great annoyance, very evident when trying to delete a file or folder that contains a name that could well be more than 100 or 200 characters. It may well have been noticed by you on countless occasions that some of these extra-long file names have been created automatically by one part of windows and then very inconveniently refused to be accepted by the recycle bin or other destinations, again, designated automatically. This is a rather ugly conflict that does nothing to aid the user or more importantly increase work rate or immediate file re-organisation to alleviate such problems. How appropriate then that the Long Path Tool can once again demonstrate its usefulness by taking these long file names in its stride and offering you complete autonomy to regain full power over your chosen file naming system. The Long Path Tool has been specifically designed to handle file names of anything up to the industry maximum of 32,000 characters in length which should cover just about any file misnaming eventuality and give you great piece of mind that all such problems are now covered.

Unusable Files

The Long Path Tool is not just for long file names however. The built in programming is robust enough to take on files that have been inadvertently locked or cannot be opened. This is another nifty tool for getting out of tight spots when resorting file name and unworkable folders. System locked files or files that simply just will not respond when you need to fix them can be searched immediately and run through the analysis program thus unleashing them from the obstacles that might be holding onto them. You can then select them from the control interface and immediately work on them to bring them back into a serviceable position.



Long path Tool is a must have program that comprehensively gives back the power of controlling all files types to the user and is an unbeatable tool for complete file management.

Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool aka Long Path Error Fixer.  If you cannot delete a file or folder which you wish to be out from your drive, or the filename you defined is not valid and or your access is denied because the path is simply too long, or a prompt would pop up requiring you to specify a different name for your file, well, Long Path Error Fixer will solve those problem of yours.  Because this tool actually caters deletion, unlocking, copying and renaming of the paths of your files and folders your system considers being just too long.  Windows allows only a specified minimum number of characters in a path, normally 256 characters; your system will not be able to handle paths longer than the above number criteria.  Yet, Long Path Error Fixer can handle paths of up to 32,000 characters which is the internal Windows limit.

More details: http://LongPathTool.com

Duplicate Files Deleter.

Duplicate Files Deleter.  From the name itself, this tool deletes files i.e.  MP3’s, photos and documents that created duplicate in your system.  You will never know until you see how many duplicate files your system gathered after you’ve made a download from the internet on your computer.  And that, just consumes valuable space in your drive.  Duplicate Files Deleter will enable you to find duplicated files and remove them thus will recover enough of your wasted disk space.  Of the many files your Krojam Cleaner scan, the probability of the existence of duplicate files is simply high and Krojam Cleaner don’t have the capability of looking for those.  Hence, Duplicate Files Deleter will do it on behalf of Krojam Cleaner.

More details: http://DuplicateFilesDeleter.com

File Splitter and Joiner

File Splitter and Joiner.  We all know that tremendous large files are issues in terms of running your system.  This is actually the very reason for slowing it down.  If you’re trying to send a file thru email, upload files to a server and the files are just too big which your system couldn’t handle, File Splitter and Joiner is the solution to it.

More details: http://filesplitterandjoiner.com/

Batch Rename File Tool

Batch Rename File Tool.  If you would want to save some files which Krojam Cleaner has scanned as temporary and that may seem to be used in the near future, Batch Rename File Tool allows any user to rename multiple files and folders quickly at once with less restriction as to filenames.  Wherein you can remove and change file extensions as well as automatically convert case and add numeric characters into it.  Not only files per se, but also images and music in MP3 formats.  This enables you to check the detailed preview before complete renaming the file or folder.  It’s easy and you can download it for free.

Mode details: http://batchrenamefiles.org

Overview of Krojam Cleaner

Overview of Krojam Cleaner

Krojam cleaner is a new concept in the world of Information technology.  For some, it remains to be something very technical while for others who are at least familiar already with the concept and tool, they have found the same to be useful. So what is Krojam Cleaner?  How does it benefit majority of the big time IT related companies today?

Krojam Cleaner is a new and powerful tool implemented and designed to allow users to maximize or optimize the hard drive space of their computers by scanning and removing unnecessary files. For most information technology-craze, the innovation and implementation of this new and powerful tool is a big help especially if one is thinking of maximizing or capitalizing the hard drive space of their computers. With this new tool, one can be assured of  easy, fast and reliable access to internet without having to undergo the usual tedious and monotonous process of mechanically deleting files from the computers, laptops and other gadgets.

Distinguishing Features:

Krojam cleaner possesses the following distinguishing features:

  1. Once Krojam Cleaner is uploaded to your computer system, the system operates automatically and it starts to scan for junk files without much fuzz on the part of the owner of the computer/ laptop.  After finding the useless/ temporary files in the hard drive, the user has the option to delete the irrelevant files. These files could be any of the following:
  •  temporary files  from the user’s hard drive;
  •  internet explorer temporary files, history files, auto-complete form history, index.dat, and its cookies;
  • Firefox temporary files, its history, download history and it cookies;
  •  Google chrome files, its history, form history, download history and it cookies;
  • opera files, its history, form history, download history, and its cookies;
  • window recycle bin;
  •  temporary files, log files, recent documents and much more different application;
  • utilize complete access to all data from all managed repositories;
  • has full access to the configuration module;
  • capable of making advance reporting, pivoting tables, charting and navigation functionalities;
  • Feature is highly compatible with MS Office tool which includes (copy / paste and export with excel);
  • Feature is fully customizable, specific screens can be created for each user profiles;
  1.  The tool has an intuitive rich user interface which allows the user to access all functions that are user friendly and very fast. It also provides or allows data manipulation and flexibility and can utilize all the computing power of the user’s workstation and carry out complex processing. The so called rich client solution is made possible due to Java web start, which is primarily responsible for fully automating all version updated installations without the need of manual effort on the client’s / user’s side. By having this distinguishing feature, user/ client can fully do the following while undergoing the scanning:
  1. Another distinguishing  feature  it that this tool  offers amazingly high performance and  efficiency services plus enterprise-ready scalability which makes the product all the more attractive to digital market;
  2. The product offers lifetime updates for free. Hence, besides possessing highly customizable features, it is also very cheap and affordable to budget.
  3. It is said to be the fast and most accurate program of its kind especially with its latest version.



The latest version of Krojam Cleaner is already available in the digital market. Krojam Cleaner 3.5.1 is considered as the fastest and most accurate of its kind. Krojam Cleaner 3.5.1 has the following details/ technical specifications:

License:   Freeware

File size:   4:30 MB

Price-    Free

Released: February 16, 2013



Krojam Cleaner is a great tool that was implemented and designed to allow users maximize the hard drive space of their computers by simply locating and deleting useless files. This product therefore, is highly recommended if your pc starts to work so slowly. It will scan the pc hard drive for useless files and the user has the option which files to delete.


For end users, Krojam Cleaner will prove to be very beneficial not to mention the fact that the tool can be accessed for free. Advantages are so numerous without any disadvantage. In essence, Krojam Cleaner makes a lot of wonders in the world of software technology.



Delete Your Temporary Internet Files with Krojam Cleaner

Delete Your Temporary Internet Files with Krojam Cleaner

Krojam Cleaner is a temporary internet files manager that helps you manage those pesky internet files and keep your system in optimal performance. So what exactly are temporary internet files and how can the Krojam Cleaner software help you stay on top of them and keep your system running more efficiently?  Temporary internet files are downloaded from the web pages you visit and stored in small folder on your hard drive in a caching procedure.

This is a feature that is common on all Window-based operating environments and helps users in optimizing their network performance so that pages can load much faster. The caching might not be so obvious for users with DSL or broadband connections but for those relying on the good old dial-up connections, the improvement in performance is appreciable.  The range of files that is downloaded is huge and includes JavaScript files, multimedia files, text, and formatting files amongst others.

A great number of people tend to confuse the caching of web pages and the storage of cookies in their computers. The main difference is that while cookies are stored in your computer by the websites that you visit, the temporary internet files are actually created by the various kinds of browsers that you use to view web pages be they Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome amongst others.

While temporary internet files serve an important function in optimizing your network and browsing experience, they can be a double edged sword.  For example, larger temporary internet files can slow down your computer, they can be susceptible to spyware attacks and they also leave a trail of your browsing history.  Forensic investigators will always inspect your temporary internet files when carrying out investigations on cybercrime. The worst part is that Windows has not incorporated an automatic temporary files management system which means you have to be on your toes and manually manage your temporary internet files. This is where the Krojam Cleaner comes in helping you scan, delete these files and optimize your hard drive for top performance at all times.

Krojam Cleaner is designed with multiple cutting edge features to make this task easier for you.  For instance it has a very intuitive user interface that most users can easily adapt to.  It scans all the junk files in the hard drive of your computer and deletes them to create more space and optimize the speed of your PC.  The Krojam Cleaner has multi-browser support and you can thus use it to carry out the scanning and deletion of useless temporary files in multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera amongst others.  In all instances it clears the temporary files stored in your hard drive, history, and cookies.

With the Internet Explorer, the Krojam Cleaner also clears the Autocomplete form history and the index.dat database where the contents of the temporary internet files are indexed.  The software also clears form history and downloads history with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.  In the Windows Recycle Bin, the Krojam Cleaner provides cleaning of temporary files, the various log files stored therein after the deletion of largerfiles and Recent Documents. It also clears the multiple applications’ temp files stored in the Windows Recycle Bin which tend to slow down the performance of the system.

The Krojam Cleaner is also highly customizable software with features that users can tailor to meet their needs.  The software has enterprise-grade scalability and with great performance and efficiency.  Users are also assured of a lifetime of software support.  If you have been grappling with useless temporary internet files, then the Krojam Cleaner is a perfect temporary internet files manager that will assist you in restoring your machines to top performance especially where it is being used to access a large amount of online information.

You can download a free trial version of the Krojam Cleaner at www.KrojamCleaner.com/Downloads.zip  where you will find the newest version Krojam Cleaner 3.3. Alternatively you can purchase the full licenses straightaway which come with multiple support levels.