Delete Your Temporary Internet Files with Krojam Cleaner

Delete Your Temporary Internet Files with Krojam Cleaner

Krojam Cleaner is a temporary internet files manager that helps you manage those pesky internet files and keep your system in optimal performance. So what exactly are temporary internet files and how can the Krojam Cleaner software help you stay on top of them and keep your system running more efficiently?  Temporary internet files are downloaded from the web pages you visit and stored in small folder on your hard drive in a caching procedure.

This is a feature that is common on all Window-based operating environments and helps users in optimizing their network performance so that pages can load much faster. The caching might not be so obvious for users with DSL or broadband connections but for those relying on the good old dial-up connections, the improvement in performance is appreciable.  The range of files that is downloaded is huge and includes JavaScript files, multimedia files, text, and formatting files amongst others.

A great number of people tend to confuse the caching of web pages and the storage of cookies in their computers. The main difference is that while cookies are stored in your computer by the websites that you visit, the temporary internet files are actually created by the various kinds of browsers that you use to view web pages be they Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome amongst others.

While temporary internet files serve an important function in optimizing your network and browsing experience, they can be a double edged sword.  For example, larger temporary internet files can slow down your computer, they can be susceptible to spyware attacks and they also leave a trail of your browsing history.  Forensic investigators will always inspect your temporary internet files when carrying out investigations on cybercrime. The worst part is that Windows has not incorporated an automatic temporary files management system which means you have to be on your toes and manually manage your temporary internet files. This is where the Krojam Cleaner comes in helping you scan, delete these files and optimize your hard drive for top performance at all times.

Krojam Cleaner is designed with multiple cutting edge features to make this task easier for you.  For instance it has a very intuitive user interface that most users can easily adapt to.  It scans all the junk files in the hard drive of your computer and deletes them to create more space and optimize the speed of your PC.  The Krojam Cleaner has multi-browser support and you can thus use it to carry out the scanning and deletion of useless temporary files in multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera amongst others.  In all instances it clears the temporary files stored in your hard drive, history, and cookies.

With the Internet Explorer, the Krojam Cleaner also clears the Autocomplete form history and the index.dat database where the contents of the temporary internet files are indexed.  The software also clears form history and downloads history with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.  In the Windows Recycle Bin, the Krojam Cleaner provides cleaning of temporary files, the various log files stored therein after the deletion of largerfiles and Recent Documents. It also clears the multiple applications’ temp files stored in the Windows Recycle Bin which tend to slow down the performance of the system.

The Krojam Cleaner is also highly customizable software with features that users can tailor to meet their needs.  The software has enterprise-grade scalability and with great performance and efficiency.  Users are also assured of a lifetime of software support.  If you have been grappling with useless temporary internet files, then the Krojam Cleaner is a perfect temporary internet files manager that will assist you in restoring your machines to top performance especially where it is being used to access a large amount of online information.

You can download a free trial version of the Krojam Cleaner at  where you will find the newest version Krojam Cleaner 3.3. Alternatively you can purchase the full licenses straightaway which come with multiple support levels.