A Brief Introduction to Long Path Tool

A Brief Introduction to Long Path Tool

The efficient running and functioning of a computer calls for the presence of a system that is free from errors and file related issues. Such file issues can include files and folders with too long paths. Also, the presence of inaccessible files and folders due to blocking can reduce the efficiency of a computer. Such problems can be fixed and solved easily with the availability of the long path tool software. This is an application with the ability to remove and delete files with long paths. It can also unblock any locked file locations and folder.

Prior to using a particular application, it is very important that one establishes its compatibility with the computer being used. In relation to this, the long path tool is a software that does not compel an individual to such proceedings purely because it compatible with all operating systems. By compatibility, it means that this application can function normally and efficiently with any hardware and software configurations in a computer. This means that it can be used on any computer without any problems.

In relation to its compatibility, this software does not require a very powerful machine to work and run. It only requires a computer with a Random Access Memory of 200 Megabytes to run which is a system requirement for many computers at present day. The processor speed must not also be very high. This makes this application simple. It is for this reason that it has gained great popularity because it is not very demanding.

Since it is meant to fix some minor issues, it is normally a very small application of less than two megabytes. Due to the fact that it is small, many individuals prefer downloading it from software downloading sites such as softpedia. In such sites, the program is usually a freeware and it can be downloaded and used by as many people as possible. An individual who download’s it can also share it with others easily and without any restrictions.

The installation and running of the long path tool is one that really marvels many. Unlike other software that must be pre-installed in a computer, the long path tool must not necessarily be installed in a computer. It can also run when saved in USB disk. This is an aspect that is known as portability. An individual can save it in a flash disk and run it on many computers at the same time.

The Long Path Tool- Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Files

The Long Path Tool- Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Files

For generations, software developers have always yearned to come up with an application and utility program that would easily fix some computer related bugs and problems. Some of these issues include folders with very long file extensions. In addition, the application was aimed at unlocking blocked files and folders. It is for this reason that the Long Path Tool software was developed. This is an application whose efficiency and high level of reliability has been witnessed by individuals who have used it.

To begin with, this is quite an exceptional software. This is simply because of its optimal capability to carry out its work very efficiently. In this case, the application is able to reveal and unhide all files and folders that contain extremely long paths. This is made possible by the presence of a strong in-build mechanism and system which enables it to recognize all files of this kind and delete them.

Long path tool erases files in such a manner that it only relocates them to the recycle bin since some of them could be important and quite essential to the user. This is very important since it prevents individuals from loosing part of their precious information from the computer system.

The acquisition of this software is what makes individuals prefer it greatly for fixing such little bugs. This is because this is an application that is meant for use by anyone and for this reason it is known as freeware. In this case, the software has no restrictive measures to the number of individuals who can use it. Common to most software, purchasing is usually the most common trend. However, individuals can also access this application by downloading it from the internet. This makes it cheap for individuals who might not be in the best position to buy it.

The software is one that has been developed with the needs of the user in mind. This is due to the fact that it is coded in very many languages so as to make it easy for use by individuals from the various diverse language backgrounds. In addition, this is a software that has been developed with a great deal of simplicity. This makes it easy for use by anyone irrespective of his or her technical qualifications. This therefore calls for little or no experience or special skill.

FilesSearch Tool 3.5 released

Download a fully functional version of FilesSearch Tool 3.5here

FilesSearch Tool is a powerful tool, that allows you to quickly find lost files on your hard drive.
  • Search Files / Files and Folders / only Folders.
  • Unicode support
  • File Name Masks
  • Search of files which contain one or more words or sentences.
  • Filter for Files within a specific Date range.
  • Filter for Files within a specific Size range.
  • Search based on the Files Attributes
  • Results columnns customization
  • Multi-select support to quickly Cut, Copy, Rename files
  • Results Export (CSV, HTML, XML).
  • Exclude Folders that define folders to be excluded from all searches.
  • Wildcards Filters on the Folders in which the search is performed.
  • Search statistics as found Files and Folders, Search Time, Speed.
  • Intuitive rich user interface
  • Easy to use: Tool has a friendly user-interface
  • Highly customizable features and user interface
  • Amazing enterprise-ready scalability, performance and efficiency
  • and much more …

More info here: http://filessearch.org/

Convert Video Pro 3.7 released

Convert Video Pro 3.7 released

Download a fully functional version of Convert Video Pro 3.7 here

Convert Video Pro is a powerful tool, that allows you to quickly convert different videos files to +200 video formats.
  • 200+ Input Formats
  • Convert Online Videos to MP3
  • Output to AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MP3, HTML5
  • Convert to iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android
  • Fastest Video Converter with CUDA and DXVA
  • Cut, Join, Rotate, Limit file size
  • Intuitive rich user interface
  • Highly customizable features and user interface
  • Amazing enterprise-ready scalability, performance and efficiency
  • and much more …

More info here:   http://convertvideopro.com

Filename is not valid? No worries!

Filename is not valid? No worries! 

How can you do whatever you want with your files if an error pops up each time you try to move it? “Filename is not valid” sounds familiar? Then you, my friend, are in for a treat! Did you ever think it could be possible to stop these annoying messages from ever coming up again? We are here to tell you that it is! And the name of the solution to all of your problems is the Long Path Tool! This is an innovative, useful piece of software that has been created with the sole purpose of allowing you to normally access your files without any disturbances! With easily operated interface, minimal space and memory requirements, this program is just what you need to clear your path towards your files! If you’re wondering how and if you can get it, the answer is ‘Absolutely’ to both of those questions. To obtain your version of this software, you can always head to www.LongPathTool.com and claim your program. Don’t you worry about installation either. If you are running a Windows operating system, you’ll have no problem running it, regardless of the version you are using.  Long Path Tool made sure that it will support each version of the Windows operating system, so in the wide array of the compatible systems, you will be able to find Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, 2000, 2003, ME, NT, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and all the way up to Windows 8! When you run it, it would be wise to visit the page again for the tutorial which should cover all of the basic operations you need in order to use the program. If you are still having some questions, or something doesn’t seem to function properly, don’t worry at all! The good news is that you will be able to contact the support team, and one of the experts will be able to handle your issue right away! It’s time to say goodbye to all those annoying errors, and the solution has never been closer!

Long Path errors- no more a problem

Long Path errors- no more a problem

Long path Tool will ease the way of handling files on your system. After installing the software there would be no problem to move, delete copy or rename the files of any kind. Finally you’ll be relieved of those frustrating errors that simply wouldn’t let you manage your own files. To get this software, visit www. LongPathTool.com, install it, create shortcuts and you are ready. The job of managing files hereafter will not be time consuming. It’ll get over fast and you can spend the extra time on something else productive.

The software takes very less space on the storage for installation. Also it’ll not decrease your performance by using up large amount of RAM. This is a great piece of software which makes the complicated tasks simpler and quick. The Long Path Tool is compatible with all the Windows versions, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows XP, ME, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

A “Click and delete” or “Click and move” is what it takes to do all your tasks. No more interventions in between, making things complex and problematic. You’ll do your file management tasks in lesser time leaving you more time to work on other important tasks. If you are a file administrator this software is an endless advantage, you’ve the power and control to handle all the files in an efficient way.

If you’re unaware of using the software, there are tutorials on the site to help you. Also in case you need any sort of assistance you can contact the LongPath expert team 24/7. Moreover regular updates on the software are also provided. Downloading this will keep you updated to manage the new errors and get the improvements on the software in terms of user interface and functionality.

Long path detected, a serious tension on mind

Long path detected, a serious tension on mind

Many times you must’ve become angry and frustrated on seeing the error messages on your screen countless times regardless of your tries to get a task done. It seems like something has plagued your computer and is impossible to erase. These error messages popping out when doing some important tasks can really be daunting. The error messages usually come with a “Bing” sound and a cross mark with short reason for it. You can’t delete, rename or copy any of file and this surely will create a lot of fuss when organising the files in folders. What could possibly be a solution to this error creep?

Well, it’s the Long Path Tool that will ultimately fix this seemingly unending problem on your computer. It works with any version of the Windows operating systems, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and even with the early versions ME, 2000, NT, and 2003. The software is available for download at its official site. Once you download, double click on the setup file and it automatically gets installed in your computer with a desktop shortcut. It works on minimal hardware requirements. It doesn’t eat up any big amount of disk space.

The error messages you’ve been experiencing like path too long, not valid, cannot read the file or delete will no more be a problem. The app will now allow you to easily access the files and manage them without any intervention. It makes the tasks of deleting, renaming and moving easy and quick.

Most importantly this saves your time. You’ll be left with few more extra minutes to work on something else important and time consuming. It reduces your frustration and keeps your calm. The software has a great capacity to work with the files having up to 32,000 characters. Practically you would not come across a file more than this limit. So software actually has no limitations of any kind.

Now as you’ve the idea on what this software can do, it is time to download and get easy on Long path file errors. To download the software, visit www.LongPathTool.com. The software also automatically detects the updates and stays on the latest version.

Benefits of Long path tool

Benefits of Long path tool( www.LongPathTool.com )


Long path tool is efficient software which can help one get rid of problems catering to files and folders with “pathname too long”. This is a common problem which is met many a times when one is trying to manage files and folders with more than 255 characters. In today’s times, one needs to work with efficiency so as to save time and deliver quality at work. Such computer problems are irritating deterrents which undoubtedly one wants to get rid of. This software is indeed something that you can count upon.

What are the issues addressed by Long path tool

Many times when people try to rename or delete a particular file, then they are received by error messages which tell them that the task cannot be initiated because the filename or the destination name is too long. These error messages include, path too long, file name not valid, error copying file, error deleting file, cannot remove file, path too deep, file name could not be found and many such similar implication error messages. This is where this software comes in.

Benefits of Long path tool software

All such problems can be effectively handled by this amazing software which is an easy yet effective tool for handling such files and folders. This tool needs to be downloaded from its website and then it can resolve all problems pertaining to filename too long! The system is compatible with almost all versions of Windows, both old and new and hence it can be used by anybody. Because of the ease of use, this software can be used by anybody to give a permanent solution to file management problems. Be it copying, deleting or renaming or managing a large file, Long path tool can help you smooth things out with a click of a button.

More details here:


Boost Productivity in Your Workplace by Deleting the Temporary Internet files using Krojam Cleaner

Boost Productivity in Your Workplace by Deleting the Temporary Internet files using Krojam Cleaner

The Krojam Cleaner is powerful utility software that is designed to get rid of the temporary internet files in your computer and other useless files that can impact the performance of your computer system. Temporary internet files that are stored in the temporary internet folder in your computer’s hard drive are not initially harmful but a build-up of these files over time has a impact on your system performance hence the need to carry out periodic cleaning so as to restore your hard drive and overall computer system to optimal performance.

The Krojam Cleaner therefore helps in deleting these useless files which are often generated by browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers as caching function so as to improve your network performance.  Caching is a very common functionality in most computer systems and it is often associated with improvement in speed and performance. The browser will download and save copies of your web page such as images, texts, and JavaScript amongst others and save them inside a temporary internet folder.

This will allow for speedy retrieval of these files upon your repeat visit thus eliminating the need to download the page all over again. On the contrary, only the new changes that have been made on the web page will be retrieved from the web page while the rest of it will be loaded instantly from the folder on your hard drive that as saved during your first visit. These files however tend to expire and afterwards revert to useless junk files that load your system without adding any value.

But the internet is not the only source of junk files. Some of them are created from Window Updates cache, the various Windows logs, and the temp files from the Windows, root and User that are often created by the various programs that you use on your system. So while it is possible to eliminate temporary internet files from your browser interface, you may not necessarily eliminate all the junk files as some of them are not created by the browsers and will require a more manual intervention to delete. This is where the Krojam Cleaner comes in to offer a more integrated solution.

To corporate entity this accumulation of junk files can severely deep the company’s productivity and even present the company with new security threats. The Krojam Cleaner helps cleaning your system of these useless files so as to keep it junk-free, fast and safe.  There are several tools that have emerged in the recent past t help in managing these files but none of them compares to the Krojam Cleaner’s efficacy in eliminating these files.

The utility software utilizes several approaches to delete the temporary internet files and other junk files resident inside your computer system. It for example clears your browser history including forms and auto complete history, downloads history and cookies. These are junk that are usually saved on your hard drive while you are browsing. The second component of the Krojam Cleaner functionality involves the cleaning of junk files that are generated within the system itself, and outside your internet activity.  For an organization grappling with such buildup of useless files that place such a massive strain on resources and system performance, the Krojam Cleaner provides a very excellent solution for cleaning up the hard disk and enhancing system performance and to greater extent productivity.

Users will find the Krojam Cleaner intuitive interface really useful, allowing them to make get access to all the functions of the utility software and deploy them accordingly in deleting the useless junk files in the systems without needing any technical help. The user can carry out data manipulation and complex computing functions from their workstation thanks to the highly customizable nature and scalability of the software.

There are several Krojam Cleaner business licenses that corporate entities can purchase depending on the size of the network where they would like to deploy the software. These include the Single User Business License, the 2-pack Business License, the 5-Pack Business License, the 10-Pack Business License, the 2-Pack Business License, Site Business License for a single site and multiple users and the Multi-Site Business License for multiple users and multiple locations. Check out http://krojamcleaner.com/index.html  for more information about the Krojam Cleaner.



How to Delete Your Temporary Internet files

How to Delete Your Temporary Internet files

The temporary internet folder on your computer stores a lot of web page folders that are downloaded to your hard drive whenever you visit the main page.  It forms a cache that allows you to download the content that has changed during your return visits to the website. These files are good for your network performance but over time and as they build up, they will slow down your system performance.  There are many methods that you can follow so as to delete your temporary internet files. These can include accessing the files through your control panel, deleting the temporary internet files through your browser interface or simply using an easy to customize software such as the Krojam Cleaner to carry out the deletion and help you in restoring the performance and integrity of your system.

The first option involves manually using the settings and functionalities provided in your Windows application so as to carry out the deletion of your temporary internet files. For example,  to delete the junk files  using the Internet Explorer, the user needs to go to the “Start” option, then go to the “Control Panel”, “Network and Internet”, and “Internet Options”.  Under the “Internet Options” click on the “General” tab and then “Delete” under the “Browsing History”.  Choose the “Delete All” option then click “OK” to complete the deletion of the temporary internet files in your system. In the earlier version of the Internet Explorer, you are given the option “Delete all offline content” under the “Delete files” dialog box which comes after the “Temporary Internet files” dialog box.

Alternatively you can simply clear your browsing history through the browser interface by using the “Tools”, “Settings” and the “Clear Browsing history” feature.  These manual procedures will clear the browsing history but they take a few steps that you may need to master. The easier way is to use a software solution to efficiently carry out the cleaning up of your temporary internet files.  One of the most effective temporary internet files manager that you can use here is the Krojam Cleaner.

The Krojam Cleaner is a premium but relatively affordable software that lets you delete your temporary internet files more effectively through a highly versatile and easily customizable interface.  This powerful tool lets you get rid of all the junk files contained on your hard drive through a simple click of the button.  Instead of going through various web browsers to clear browsing history, the Krojam Cleaner presents an integrated interface that allows you to delete all the temporary internet files at a go.

In the IT sphere, there has never been something like a temporary internet files manager and that is why the Krojam Cleaner is such a revolutionary tool both for individuals browsing the internet and the corporations utilizing a great deal of web resources in their businesses.  The Krojam Cleaner can help corporations streamline their IT maintenance budgets and significantly improve the performance of their systems. A great deal of IT human resources is usually used in cleaning temporary internet  files that not only slow down the systems thereby impacting worker productivity but also pose security challenges as they might be conduits for spyware.

The Krojam Cleaner has several distinguishing features that will make the process of cleaning the temporary internet files more seamless and highly efficient.  For example, the system operates automatically once it is installed on to your system continuously scanning your machine for any junk files that might affect performance and then deleting them upon prompting.  Without the Krojam Cleaner installed onto your system, you will have to resort to manual process of identifying and deleting the temporary internet files on your hard drive which is not just cumbersome but also inefficient.  The range of files that the Krojam Cleaner can delete from your system is quite varied.  These can include temporary files from your hard drive, the Internet Explorer temporary files, browsing history, Autocomplete forms, cookies and the index.dat files amongst others.

On Mozilla Firefox, the Krojam Cleaner will get rid of the Firefox temporary internet files, history, cookies and form history.  The program also gets rid of the same on your Google chrome browser along with temp files, log files and Recent Documents on your Recycle Bin. For additional functionality and to download the trial version or the full license of the Krojam Cleaner, visit the link http://krojamcleaner.com/index.html .