Long path tool – Help you access inaccessible files on your computer at just a single touch

Long path tool – Help you access inaccessible files on your computer at just a single touch

Almost every one of you tends to use the computers and laptops these days but sometimes the window explorer is not able to reach certain files and destinations because the path is a bit longer than the handling capacity of the API. In such a case, things may become very difficult for you, when you want to save your files in a path having multiple subfolders.

Long Path Tool is a very smart alternative for this problem that makes it easier for you to browse through longer paths with ease and allows you to have access to long paths and bigger folder names thus giving you a privilege to name the file as you want. The software also helps you with many other benefits that make it a must have for the professional users and here are some of the benefits explained for you:

  • The major reason why this software is used is to resolve the problem that you have in browsing the files which are located in long or deep paths. The software allows you to browse the files from anywhere in your computer and gets the better of the error messages that you have such as path is too long.
  • One of the other problems that you tend to have while working is that mistakenly you tend to name some word files by their initial line which makes the title too long. With normal setup, when you try to browse the file, you will rather get an error message and can open the file only when you rename it. But when you have this software in your computer, things get very smooth for you as you can easily browse files that are having a character length of 32, 767 so that you do not have any problem while you are new to computers.
  • You people also find it quite tough to delete the files that have a very big name or a large extension that makes you quite infuriated as these files occupy space on your hard disk and thus you are short on space in some cases. This software also helps you out in these cases as it makes easier for you to delete these files at just a single touch and you will not have any such error messages that you tend to have when you try to delete the same files without the software.
  • Another very common problem that you people tend to face is that when you are looking to delete an item, you find an error message that the item you are looking to delete is used by another user and thus you are not able to delete or do anything else with that file. But with the long path tool software, these problems can be easily sorted out and you can have access to those files even when they were previously used by any other user that makes your experience better and helps you to save some good time as well.


Long Path Tool 5.1.4 released

Long Path Tool 5.4.1 released

Change log:

– added new file management algorithms to ensure all of long path files can be deleted/copied/renamed
– added advanced long path files scanning
– improved deletion/copying/renaming speed
– added errors logs
– added quick links for latest updates, other programs of KrojamSoft
– bugs fixes

Is your hard drive still overloaded?

So your hard drive is still overloaded and you even afraid to install small programs of 5mb? Duplicate Files Deleter can help you here.  It is small and is easy to use.  You can find it on official site.

Before starting actual scanning you can set different settings. For instance, you can set to ignore file content or visa verse. You can scan hard drives only for big files > 50mb which use most of your space. You can also filter file extensions. If you want to find only duplicate songs,  you can use file masks like: “*.mp3, *.3ga, *.flac, *.arf”. If you want to find only duplicate videos,  you can use file masks like: “*.mkv *.flv, *.avi, *.wmv”.

More details you can find on DuplicateFilesDeleter.com


Say Good Bye to Unimportant Files or Folders Applying Long Path Tool

Say Good Bye to Unimportant Files or Folders Applying Long Path Tool

Since long, programming engineers have persistently longed towards thinking of an application as well as utility program that might without difficulty change some machine connected bugs as well as problems. A few of these problems incorporates organizer with extended record development. Similarly, the application had gone from being opened blocked records as well as envelopes. It is therefore, the Long Path Tool programming had been created. This is an application whose proficiency as well as anomalous state of untiring excellence has been seen by people who have utilized it.

The planners of Long Path Tool required something that can be applied by any person. Consequently, they have composed their creation to be not hard to utilize. It is so easier to work with that even a single person with no expertise capabilities or information has the capacity uses it lawfully. The other thing the makers had done to verify the expediency of their item had been guaranteed that it is good with most working frameworks.

Rather than the ordinary one year of client assistance that is frequently provided by a lot of programming organizations, the people behind this project furnishing you with a lifetime of assistance administrations. That same support would likewise be accessed for the free trial rendition. Furthermore, as they would like clients get the most from their item, they will what is more send email redesigns as well as new systems on how you can get the most out of the project.

Long Path Tool accompanying the probability towards entirely supplant any choice record administration framework which have been being applied at this moment. Moreover, it has been going to take out the lapses you normally get with long document names, this product would without questions make things much simpler for anyone who often downloads documents from the web. It is an extremely fundamental, yet influential device that can take document administration to an entirely new level.


Convet video files with one click using PhotoViewerPro

Convet video files with one click using PhotoViewerPro

Download a fully functional version of PhotoViewerPro 3.4here

PhotoViewerPro is a powerful tool, that allows you to view any photos in comfortable way.
  • Popular image formats support including JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, WMF, PCX, ICO, TGA
  • Red-eye removal
  • Image resizing
  • Image zooming
  • Image cropping
  • Color adjustments
  • Musical slideshow
  • Intuitive rich user interface
  • Highly customizable features and user interface
  • Amazing enterprise-ready scalability, performance and efficiency
  • and much more …

Duplicate Files Deleter review

Duplicate Files Deleter

Locate and Delete duplicate files in seconds with DuplicateFilesDeleter

DuplicateFilesDeleter is a useful program to help you find and delete all duplicate files of your hard disk limited resources like iPod, iPhone, mp3player and flash drive. DuplicateFilesDeleter is a powerful tool to find and remove duplicate photos, documents, MP3s, videos, and more. You may not know how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from your internet or duplicate files scattered over your home computer. DuplicateFilesDeleter help you to recover gigabytes of space, make your computer fast and organized your files. Speed up your computer and free up space by deleting redundant or duplicate files.

Duplicate files cover disk space of your home computer:

Duplicate files waste precious space of your computer’s hard disk, especially if you have an SSD and make your computer’s backups bigger for no reason. Duplicate files can be a pain! They eat up valuable disk space that could be better used by an original file. Duplicate files mean that it takes slow and longer for you to back up your computer. They also make it very confusing when you or your PC is searching for a file. Duplicate files cover disk space of your computer drive and slow down your computer.

Free up hard drive space on your computer:

DuplicateFilesDeleter will deep scan for all types of files – photos, music, films, video, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, text files by content ,name and date. If it appears twice on your computer then it will find it. Once these files are found you are provided with helpful tools to enable you to select which copies to delete or move. It will clean up your hard drive and speed up your computer.


  • This software will identify and recover wasted disk space
  • Remove all duplicate files and increase free space on “limited” resources, like laptops and memory disks
  • Reducing the time and media used for backups
  • Runs much more quickly than others in its class, very safe and reliable
  • Organize music in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • This software is also available for free trial
  • It supports NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / any Windows Server
  • Protection for Windows and system files


  • Powerful search engines (byte by byte and SHA-1)
  • Find files fast with same contents, same name and zero size file
  • Find duplicate documents, songs (mp3, wma, and ogg), photos, videos, and outlook e-mails
  • Search files local PC and over network.
  • Delete, Move, or Rename your files -Safely
  • 100% accuracy
  • Cyclic Redundancy check (CRC32), with File Size
  • Show files version and properties
  • Intelligent Selection Assistant

Try DuplicateFilesDeleter Free, and you will be amazed by all those unwanted duplicate files that reside on your computer. You can delete them easily and with confidence, without having to compare them visual.

Increase pc performance by getting rid of duplicate files

Duplicate files are one of the core reasons why your PC takes too long to perform operations, such as opening folders and running other software. Hence this may lead to frustrations especially for machines that take a relatively long time to boot up. However defragging a full hard disk especially one with redundant data may be tedious hence people may not be willing to do it.

The duplicate file deleter is capable of searching and removing each duplicate file within your hard disk and also indicates the amount of space that can be saved by erasing the data.

When the performance of your PC worsens, it implies that it is being inhibited by the presence of duplicates files in different locations within the hard disk of your PC. Duplication frequently occurs when you autosaves audio, videos, and pictures in the default folder but end up forgetting where you saved them thus saving them later in a different location on the PC.

In solving all these problems, the Duplicate Files Deleter is best suited for this task. It’s a free to download software that is compatible with all operating systems including Windows 10 Vista, and Windows 8. Also, it enhances the overall optimum performance of your PC by freeing up your disk space.

The software is built on a user-friendly interface which allows you to select the folders you wish to scan easily and an equivalent option of scanning the whole disk at once, though it will take considerably more time. After the scan, a list of both duplicates and originals containing information on the size and date of modification of the original and duplicate files is displayed for you.

Automatic deletion of the duplicate files may not be recommended; hence it’s advisable for you to choose the flexible option of using an external storage to save the duplicate data. Once the file of the original has been safely stored It’s only then can the duplicate files can be done away with. Download the Duplicate File Deleter today to boost the performance and free up the storage capacity of your computer instantly by a simple click of a button.



Long Path Tool is Ideal to Boost Your Computer’s Performance

Long Path Tool is Ideal to Boost Your Computer’s Performance

The long path tool is an application that has been designed so as to try and assist in handling storage system issues. This is because continuous storage of data in a computer results in the development of multiple files and folders in a computer. This in turn causes the presence of long path files and folders in a computer. It is the function of this software to delete these long path files and folders. Through deletion, it does not permanently erase the files but instead it temporarily stores them in the recycle bin where they do not affect the functioning of a computer.

The acquisition of any particular software is really critical for any program to be used. It is for this reason that software developers have made this software easily available for anyone. This has been made possible by making its license terms free meaning that its acquisition is not restricted to a particular number of individuals.

Since the advent of this application, it has really been praised by people who have used it. This is because of its great reputation and effective execution of the required tasks. This fame has been as a result of its great ability to eliminate unwanted files. It is for this reason that many people have adopted the name clean master when referring to it. In most of the cases, it does not leave behind long path files either in the storage system or in registry files.

The manner in which the long path tool has been made is one that is normally envied by other software developers. This is due to the fact that it is made with a very strong search mechanism almost similar to that of a search engine which enables it to execute its tasks without leaving out any files or folders that are in question.

Before the software was implemented, individuals questioned its functioning in that they were not sure of how it works. However, the working of this application is one that is very unique because it does not delete files and folders permanently from their storage location but instead it disposes them to the recycle bin where any user can choose to restore them. In addition, during execution of its tasks, it does not interfere or alter registry files and values of a computer.

Before the long path tool was brought for use, it was tested and debugged to ensure that it could be used by anyone. It was then established that this is a software that could work with all operating systems without mal function.

 More info here:  http://longpathtool.com/

The Long Path Tool- Remove Useless Folders or Files

The Long Path Tool- Remove Useless Folders or Files

The long path tool is a type of utility program and is mainly special purpose. This is because it is developed to work on issues and fix bugs related to computer file storage systems. In this case, its main function is to detect, isolate and delete long path files. In addition it also unblocks any locked or blocked files and folders in various file locations. In most of the cases, such files and folders arise as a result of accumulation of unnecessary waste and junk documents and files. The presence of multiple files in the computer also contributes to the presence of long path files.

The working and functioning of this software is one that is very exceptional and marvelous. This is in that this is an application whose running and execution does not require the presence of a computer user to monitor. It is an example of a stand- alone application. This means that the running of this program is initiated by a click of the mouse button and erasing and unblocking of files and folders commences. This means no human monitoring is required.

The long path tool is one that executes its tasks to utmost perfection. This is due to the fact that it does not leave any traces of unrequited files and folders. This is made possible by the presence of a strong search engine that makes the software able to detect these long path files. Due to this, the application is able to delete and unblock all long path and blocked files in a computer irrespective of their location in the storage system of a computer. It is for this reason that it is considered very efficient for the sole reason that it does not leave any traces of the unwanted files.

Basically, this program works by deleting the long path files. However, it does not remove them permanently from the computer but instead it stores them temporarily in the recycle bin where the user can restore them if need be. This reduces the chance of losing important information from the computer.

An individual who wants to have this software can either choose to buy it or get it from the internet. Getting it from the internet is made easy due to the fact that it is a small application not more than two megabytes of size.

The program can be used on any computer operating system because it is not designed to work under a specified operating system. This makes it the program one of high compatibility.